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YOUniversal Home Health Care, LLC is an individually-owned company based in Chesapeake, Virginia. We offer skilled hourly RN home health care and home-based health care services for Virginia residents who prefer to stay at home but require ongoing care that their family members or friends cannot provide. The YOUniversal health care team is devoted to making a difference in the community. Our agency is backed by professional owners, which includes a Registered Nurse with extensive experience in the healthcare industry, including home health care, acute care, and long-term care. The owners at YOUniversal Home Health Care have dedicated their time to serving the community to promote health and well-being.


The doctor is talking with a geriatric patient who is setting in Wheelchair

Our Vision

The vision of YOUniversal Home Health Care is to provide our clients and their families with outstanding home-based medical care services.

Smiling Senior Couple

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster independence and maintain dignity for our clients.


Our goal is to provide excellent home-based health care services by working with our clients and their families to develop customized plans.


Our shared goal is to ensure our clients feel respected and independent in their homes through dedicated home care services.

Grandma's Healing Touch

Our Values

At YOUniversal Home Health Care, we value patience, honesty, and compassion. Through these values and our client-first mentality, we make an effort to work with you on the development of a home healthcare plan that positively impacts your life.


The idea of in-home care has been around for generations. We differentiate our business by combining the best practices from the home health care industry with innovative technology ideas and culture-specific services. This allows our company to provide a strong emphasis on the well-being of each client every step of the way.

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